WSPR Membership

New active and trainee member nominations are accepted year-round and will be evaluated on a quarterly basis.

Membership Categories & Dues

Membership is fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)

• Active: $100.00
• Emeritus (retired or age 70+): $20
• Trainee: $0 (starting July 1, 2024)

Benefits include reduced annual meeting registration fees and participation in our vibrant society dedicated to Pediatric Research.

An invoice will be sent to your email yearly via QuickBooks with an option to pay online via credit card.
If you don’t receive the invoice or want to pay your dues via check, please contact us at (720) 777-7063 or

Those who still have not paid their 2023 dues may do so online via Quickbooks using the following links:

Membership Application

To be considered for active or trainee membership, prospective applicants should submit the following to WSPR:

  • Nomination letter from current WSPR member OR self-nomination letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of current research activities
  • At least one first author research article (for active membership applicants only)

All materials must be submitted to the Qualtrics WSPR Membership Application form, which is available at the following link:

Criteria for Membership

As per original constitution and bylaws, “active members shall be limited to those individuals actively engaged in clinical or laboratory investigations in pediatrics”. There are no age or geographic restrictions.

Nominees applying for full WSPR membership should be a principal (first author) of at least one piece of original research (i.e., more than a routine case report) published in an established scientific journal with peer review process. This work must be published within four years of the individual’s nomination. When the only qualifying work is a manuscript in press, the final manuscript and the letter of final acceptance from the Journal must be submitted for consideration. Exceptions to the first author criteria can be made by Council for established senior investigators or on a case-by-case basis.

Evidence of “current engagement in academic research” and/or “continuing commitment to academic medicine” should be provided in a statement given by the nominee. Applicants who have been nominated by a WSPR member should include in their application a letter from the nominator attesting to the applicant’s engagement in pediatric research. Alternatively, applicants may choose to self-nominate, in which case they should include a letter of their own detailing their involvement in pediatric research and other relevant accomplishments that would make them an ideal WSPR member.

Trainee membership does NOT require a published manuscript but does require evidence of scholarly research activity. The statement from the nominee and the letter from the nominator (if the applicant is not self-nominating) should specifically address this point.